Garage48: Hack the Crisis India | Expectations and broken promises…

What was supposed to happen?

  • I submit my idea
  • We wait for the selection process to finish.
  • Depending on the results, we participate in the hackathon or go back to our usual routines.

What did happen?

  • I submitted my idea and started waiting for the selection process to finish.
  • The hackathon started, we were still waiting for the results of the selection process.
  • The hackathon will end and I will still be waiting for the results of the selection process.
But they said that I will receive a mail before the hackathon starts…


From an idea to a prototype
in 48 hours

Garage48 hackathon series was initiated to boost a local startup scene by bringing the Silicon Valley attitude to Eastern Europe as well as to other developing markets.

Hack the crisis India

Hack the crisis is a global event organized by Garage48. The crisis is COVID-19. It's a hackathon and if I may, this is what Garage48 has on their website:

On 13–15 March, Garage48, AccelerateEstonia and the whole startup community in Estonia took action and put together an online hackathon to offer solutions how to use tech for crisis response and deal with the post-crisis era.

That got my attention. So, my expectations were really high as I thought the whole thing will be organized by a bunch of very experienced people who know how to organize a hackathon. And I didn’t read this…

Now events ran by local communities all over the world are popping up to help solve issues for their communities.

Being a 27 years old Indian, if I had read this. I would’ve lowered my expectations, maybe I wouldn’t even bother participating because I have had my fair share of experiences with “Indian ka kaam karne ka tareeka”.

If you are an organizer, you need to understand one thing. If you as an organizer have forwarded a timeline, you are supposed to stick to it. If you are not able to stick to it, you are supposed to proactively communicate and handle the situation. But guys at Garage48 probably didn’t even know about the situation. Check out the Facebook post.

I get it. We Indians can be very convincing when it comes to handling our boss, we have a plethora of explanations ready for hiding our incompetencies.

I can go on and on but I think its enough.

Samjhdaar ko ishaara hi kafi hai…

This was my experience. Your mileage may vary… On that note, I’ll stop rambling. Please share your experiences in the comments below.


What did I get out of this?


Now I will pour it all out on my idea which was rejected in the hackathon. Stay tuned for more updates. It's going to be awesome!





Progress, not perfection…

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Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar

Progress, not perfection…

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