What it means to be an Entrepreneur

I went through a post a counselling program for entrepreneurs and saw words like anxiety, stress, pressure, fear...

That’s what this post is going to be about.
I am not saying these feelings are normal. But we never get normal. We don’t want to be normal. As entrepreneurs, we strive to grab the reigns and push in a direction. Hoping for the best. And most of the time not preparing for the worst.
Nobody can be "prepared", that’s why it’s "the worst".
But that’s what we do, that’s who we are. We are dreamers.
People these days have a tendency to speak before thinking. If you hear people say "You can’t do this!", it’s them talking about their limits, not yours. Don’t let those things get to you. If they are not thinking about what they are saying, then why are you?
And if you feel that you want a job instead, there is no shame in stopping. Get a job. Get your priorities straight. Do you want to live a comfortable life while others do the heavy lifting? If that’s okay with you then all the power to you.
But if you don’t like the way things are right now. You want to change something. Then keep at it. Don’t whine about how the world is not aligning according to you. You are here to CHANGE IT.
Either start changing things around you or start changing yourself according to them.
Think hard about yourself, Prioritize, Do it.
Oh and, watch Mad Men...

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment below and if you are an entrepreneur, share your experiences in comments below!



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